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Handy Dandy Packing Guide

Shore Solution Movers in Oxford, Maryland, is dedicated to the security of your belongings during a move, whether we're driving across town or to the other corner of the state. In order to remain true to our approach and standards while ensuring the highest levels of safety, we provide a detailed packing guide for you here. Please reference all of our moving services to determine what types of service you'll need.

Items We May Move

Some items may be moved at the discretion of our drivers. These include:

• Perishable Food/Produce
• Refrigerated/Frozen Food
• Open or Partially Used Food
• Plants
• Preserved Food (In Glass Jars)
• Miscellaneous Contraband

Personal Items We Advise You Move

There are many personal items that we prefer you move yourself. Some articles are not accepted for transportation. Shore Solution Movers assumes no responsibility should these items come into our possession without our knowledge.

Although these articles do not create a physical threat, not having them in your immediate possession can create problems. This can be avoided if all irreplaceable, sentimental items are carried with you. These typically include:

• Address/Check Books
• Financial Statements
• Personal Files/Letters/Photos/Albums
• Personal Video Tapes
• Jewelry
• Sterling Silver
• Furs
• Coin/Stamp Collections
• Medicine
• School Records
• Research Projects
• Car Keys
• One-of-a-Kind Artwork
• Airline Tickets
• Bonds/Stocks/Deeds/Tax Records
• Computer Software/Disks
Pile of Cardboard Boxes

Items We Do Not Move

The following lists serve as a guide only on what not to pack. If you have specific questions, we are happy to discuss the options available. The safety of your valuables is of most importance to us, so we hope this packing guide serves you well. We cannot move the following items:

• Acetone
• Adhesive
• Ammonia
• Bleach
• Denatured Alcohol
• Combustible Liquids
• Liquors/Alcohol
• Enamel
• Gasoline
• Kerosene
• Lacquer
• Lamp Oil
• Charcoal Briquettes
• Compressed Gases
• Gases Used In Welding

Motor Oil
Antifreeze Compounds
Camphor Oil
Corrosive Liquids
Battery With Acids
Petroleum Products
Engine-Starting Fluids

Finishing Products:
• Paint
• Paint or Varnish Remover
• Polishes (Liquid)
• Shellac
• Turpentine
• Paint and Paint-Related Materials
• Oil Stains for Wood
• Varnish

• Black Powder
• Blasting Caps
• Dynamite (Plastics or Similar Explosives)
• Explosives
• Loaded Guns
• Souvenir Explosives/Instruments of War
• Spear Guns With Charged Heads
• Fireworks

• Cleaning Fluids
• Fluids Cleaners
• Disinfectants
• Aerosols
• Fire Extinguishers
• Scuba-Diving Tanks
• Combustible/Corrosive/Flammable Items
• Chlorinated Hydrocarbons

• Openned Products Only

Other Compounds:
• Smokeless Powder
• Flame-Retardant Compounds
• Leather Dressing or Bleach

Home Improvement:
• Iron/Steel Rust Preventatives
• Propellants
• Propane tanks
• Propane or Other Gas
• Dyes
• Fuse Lighters
• Igniters or Primers
• Matches
• Toy Propellant or Smoke Devices
• Lighter Fluids
• Signal Flares